Produce Specials

Fresh Raspberries, Blackberries or Blueberries

Fresh Raspberries, Blackberries or Blueberries $2.99 Ea.

Perfect on pancakes, wonderful on waffles and super over cereal! Mexico or Peru grown.

$2.99 Ea.

Committed to quality & selection
Twain Harte Market is committed to providing our community with a wide selection of the best tasting, freshest produce on the market. Whether you are looking for natural and organic products, finding a unique ingredient for a recipe, we can meet your needs.
Fresh seasonal & local produce
At Twain Harte Market we believe in celebrating the harvest of the seasons by partnering with our local growing partners such as Cover’s Apple Ranch.
Fresh & Juicy Lemons

Fresh & Juicy Lemons 50¢ Ea.

Take these juicy lemons a squeeze them over a seafood dish or in a relaxing cocktail. California grown.

Sweet Sumo Tangerines $4.49 Lb.

Fight off winter blues with the sweet and juicy flavor of refreshing tangerines. California grown.
Sweet Sumo Tangerines
Garden Fresh Broccoli Crowns

Garden Fresh Broccoli Crowns $2.29 Lb.

100% edible and 100% delicious. Very nutritious, too! Just steam or roast and serve. California grown.
Fresh Russet Potatoes

Fresh Russet Potatoes $2.79 Ea.

These creamy, fresh Potatoes are so delicious and can be prepared in so many ways. USA grown.
Delicious Baking Yams

Delicious Baking Yams $1.29 Lb.

Classic yams that are wonderful baked in the over or mashed and served as a side dish. California grown.
Fresh Express Salad Mixes

Fresh Express Salad Mixes $2.99 Ea.

Fresh and ready to eat salads. Choose from Sweet Butter, 50/50 Mix, Spring Mix or Baby Spinach.
Locally owned & operated since 1982.​
We are proud to serve our pristine mountain community for over 35 years. We take pride in sustaining and building a strong community. And yes, we definitely walk the talk!
A passion for food
We’ve made it our mission is to provide the community and area visitors with a wide selection of quality foods and household items while delivering extraordinary customer service.
We shop here too!
Our friendly, competent staff works diligently to make shopping at Twain Harte Market a pleasurable experience. Our store depends on the passion and dedication of our employees.
A full service specialty store
Organic products is not just a buzz word at Twain Harte Market. We work hard to integrate a wide variety of organic and natural foods into all areas of the store so that you always have a choice.
Committed to sustainability
We live in one of the most pristine locations in the western US and are committed to leaving it this way for many generations to come. We aim to improve to become better stewards of the natural resources that go into our business.
Supporting our community​
Since 1982, Twain Harte Market has been committed to supporting our community. We focus our giving on local non-profit organizations and educational institutions that are located in our immediate community.
Reducing our impact
Twain Harte Market is passionately committed to recycling and reducing waste. We are constantly looking at ways of diverting waste from the land fill and redirecting the waste to reusable products.
Twain Harte Market & local partners​
Utilizing local vendors is another way Twain Harte Market reduces our carbon footprint. We like to include local vendors from Tuolumne, Calaveras, and Amador County in our store whenever we can.
Fresh Organic Pink Lady Apples

Fresh Organic Pink Lady Apples $1.79 Lb.

Firm and crisp with a unique tangy and tart flavor. Crisp and cool fall nights bring out the bright pink color that gives it its name. USA grown.
Sweet Organic Strawberries
Sweet Organic Strawberries $6.99 Ea.
Enjoy sliced on top of cereal for breakfast or serve with fresh cream for dessert. Mexico grown.
Organic Minneola Tangelos
Organic Minneola Tangelos $1.79 Lb.
Nice sized beauties that are easy to peel. California grown.
Fresh Organic Mini Peppers
Fresh Organic Mini Peppers $3.49 Ea.
These flavorful peppers are great sliced and sautéed for fajitas or serve raw in salads. Mexico grown.
Organic Italian Squash
Organic Italian Squash $1.79 Lb.
Terrific for stir‑fry or sliced for a veggie tray! California grown.

These special prices are good Wednesday, January 19, through Tuesday, January 25, 2022.