Cheese Specials

Artikaas Hay There

Artikaas Hay There
$10.19 Ea.

What makes Original Dutch Gouda so incredible? Some say it’s the fresh Dutch grass. Some say it’s the Dutch cows. We say, try it and see what everyone is raving about. 6 oz. Package.

$10.19 Ea.

Our gourmet cheese shop
Explore our huge cheese counter filled with cheeses from around the world and local dairy farms. Having trouble making a choice, please use our staff to assist you in making the perfect cheese tray.

Artikaas Smoked Gouda $4.39 Ea.

This exceptional Gouda is cold smoked over Hickory wood to infuse a velvety, toasty smokiness. 6 oz. Package.

Bellwether Farms Sheep Cheese Log $4.49 Ea.

A effortless way to elevate a snack, appetizer, main dish, or cheeseboard. Selected Varieties. 3 oz. Package.
Deli Specials

Sliced Prosciutto

Sliced Prosciutto
$4.49 Ea.

Wrap around a slice of fresh cantaloupe or serve on your next charcuterie board. 3 oz. Package

$4.49 Ea.

Our full service deli department
The full service Deli Department at Twain Harte Market has everything you need for an easy and perfect meal. We have a large selection of salads, entrees, sides, and sandwiches.
Fresh sliced Columbus meats
Our deli department features Columbus meats who have been crafting great-tasting salami and deli meats for 100 years. All meats are gluten free and contain no MSG or transfats.
Attention sushi lovers​
Zan & Tin are here to make fabulous sushi fresh daily. Pick up something delicious for lunch, dinner or an appetizer.

Columbus Genoa Salame $4.99 Ea.

Lean pork infused with garlic, cracked black pepper, and wine giving it the flavor it’s famous for. 3.9 oz. Package.

Del Real Mexican Entrees $7.99 Lb.

Don’t forget to grab the tortillas and fresh salsa! Take your pick: Chili Verde or Chicken Asado. 15 oz. Package
Bakery Specials

Cyrus O'Leary's
Apple Pie

Cyrus O'Leary's Apple Pie
$5.49 Ea.

Classic or Dutch Apple. Best heated. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 24-26 oz. Package

$5.49 Ea.

Our fresh bakery
From a quick, delicious treat for breakfast to a warm loaf of bread, come and enjoy a world of baked goods. We carry a selection of both sugar free and gluten free products.
Treat yourself today
Everyday warm from the oven you can find breads, cakes, pies, and pastries. Stop in for a breakfast treat with our homemade cinnamon rolls they are the best!

Cyrus O’Leary’s Pies $6.99 Ea.

Cherry, Marionberry, Peach or Strawberry Rhubarb. Ready to serve at your next backyard BBQ or get-together. 26 oz. Pie.

Lofthouse Frosted Cookies $3.49 Ea.

A sweet afternoon snack or a quick dessert for kids or adults this week. Selected Varieties. 13.5 oz. Package

These special prices are good Wednesday, July 21 through Tuesday, July 27, 2021.